Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Better to look good than feel good!

While this is a personal mantra of mine (because I am a shallow bitch), which is often repeated over and over when wearing my HOTT ASS platforms that give me about 4 more inches in height but makes me feel like a crippled ex-ballerina that danced Swan Lake on toe for 20 years, this does not work for toddlers.

Alas, the adorable Nike’s that I bought Lucas are total POS’s. The zipper instead of laces – good in theory, not in execution as it unzipps as the child walks causing the shoe to fall off said child’s foot. Not the best thing to happen as one is running full speed through the playground at daycare.

I actually felt like a bit of a degenerate mom when on Lucas’ daily report it was noted to “please put different shoes on Lucas. These ones kept falling off!”


Blogger Surfsister said...

Hi, Beth!!! I'm one of Jay's surf blogger buddies, but since I'm a mom I came over to read your cool blog. We bought our little man some of those damn Nikes too. Worthless!!! What is the point of that damn zipper? It's been over a year since I finally gave those shoes to the Goodwill and I'm still mad. My advice: dump those worthless shoes. You'll just get more angry as the days pass.

8:16 PM  
Blogger HipMamaB said...

The one salvation that I have is that I bought them at Nordstrom (on sale!) and since Nordies has the BEST return policy EVER, I will be returning the little buggers and getting Lucas another pair of the DC Shoes for babies. WAY COOLER ANYWAY.

9:58 AM  
Blogger whygeorgiawhy said...

I hear ya on the shoe saga. Last time I put J in her oh so cute sandals, daycare didn't clean the sand out of them after she got out of the sandbox, causing her to have huge blisters. Yet they had the nerve to write on her chart "please bring closed toed shoes to school -- her sandals are hurting her feet!" This of course made me feel like The Worst Mom Ever, despite the fact that I was actually POd over the blister incident! When I pointed out that it was the sand, not the sandals, that was a problem and could they please be more careful they said "well, we can't keep her out of the sandbox." Riiiiight.

3:02 PM  

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