Wednesday, June 29, 2005


This weekend something strange happened… I was transported into the future of my 12-year old self.

When we were 12, Debbie, Annie and I used to sit around and talk about the future – what we were going to do, who we were going to be and the boys that we would be married to.

Flash forward 18 years. There we were, the three of us. Full grown adults, 2 of us with husbands, me with a baby, one a lawyer and one living an adventure in Africa. It was the strangest thing.

I’ve passed on stories before from Ann, my fan from Sudan.. so you already know about what an amazing person she is. I mean giving up the comforts of western society to live in the African bush to promote AIDS awareness and education. I mean really, it’s not something that the majority of us would ever think about doing.

Then there is Debbie. Debbie and I were best friends from like 3rd grade until 10th grade when I went to a different High School. So not only did we have the silly Barbie doll and let’s play with make-up years – we also had those formative early teen years of first kisses, firsts drinks (and first hang-overs), and first parent-free parties. Unfortunately, we drifted as late-teens, saw each other here and there through high-school and college, then totally lost touch when we were about 22 or 23. But thanks to the wonders of Google – we caught-up again.

So here we were, the 3 of us. Drinking a beer, sitting at a bar and it was totally surreal. I know I was instantly transported back in time to sitting behind the bar at Debbie’s parents house, taking sips from the Manischewitz bottle (hey! All good Jewish girls got drunk on left over Passover Manischewitz for the first time!), then refilling it with grape juice and hoping no one would notice. Or the time when Annie’s “bad influence” neighbor girl MADE us all try to smoke a cigarettes and then we got caught (really – she MADE us! None of us had even thought about it and she made us come back to her house and sit in her guest house and take a puff. She was a rich girl whose mom was a *semi-famous* radio show call-in shrinks in the 80’s) and we all had to tell our parents what we did. I sware, sitting there having a beer, I was SURE one of our parents were going to walk in and "catch us" and send us to our rooms and not let us have sleep-overs for 2 weeks.

While I think we all seemed different to each other at first, more mature, more adult, a few hours later we were right back to the giggly 12-year old girls, talking about boys and what we want to be when we (finally) grow-up. And ya’ know what? It felt really good.


Blogger x said...

That sounds like fun. I still have the "st ends" half to Kelly D's "be fri" heart necklace. I haven't talked to her in probably 15 years. Or most H.S. people I guess! I do still have my real best friend from 8th grade on though and we talk about once a week. Those are the best.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Nikki said...

That sounds like a movie in the making...ha ha - seriously though it sounds like you had a great time. How wonderful to catch up like that after all those years! FUN!!

5:41 AM  

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