Thursday, June 30, 2005

Day Four

Jay and I went back on “the beach” (South Beach Diet for those not in the know of diet slang), and today is day 4. 4 days now with out a carb or a gram of sugar. 4 days of nothing but eggs, meat, cheese, veggies, nuts and sugar free/fat free fudgsicles. I’m officially in sugar withdrawal, as I’m dizzy and have a pounding headache and I swear that my computer screen is moving side-to-side as I write this.

I was just wondering out loud to my co-workers if this “losing weight” thing would be easier the Nicole Ritchie/Lindsay Lohan way. The both looked at me and agreed that “Beth on Crack” would be really scary and if I talked any faster or was any louder they would have to shoot me.

Crack? What do you mean? Do these nice girls look like the type that would do drugs?

They aren’t doing drugs.. they are just "working out with personal trainers." Right?


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Yes, yes...of course its from working out. Right....

8:31 AM  

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