Monday, June 27, 2005


I SO should be pregnant right now. Why? Because if I was, I would have the cutest freaking maternity wardrobe – ALL FROM REGULAR STORES!

The Limited started its “real sale” today – so I ran over to check it out (I always do good on t-shirts and tops for $6.99), but I swear, everything I tried on could have been a maternity shirt. It’s kinda a double edged sword for me. While I like things that hide this post baby whythehellwontyougoawaymustibepunishedforeverforlikingbread stomach, I also don’t want to look pregnant. I was there – 8 months of wearing maternity clothes while being preggers, and a month or so after in “transition” clothes.

Empire waists were my look last year – so WHY is everything in every store like that this year? So unfair. (And yes – the fashion world should revolve around me)

My mom and I were so excited to go to this store Zara in Santa Monica this weekend. I’ve heard that it’s like H&M (note to H&M peeps – PLEASE open a west coast store soon! Thanks!) as in that it has nice, stylish clothes for cheap. A Forever 21 for the over 21 and ‘not a teenage hooker’ crowd. We get there and OHMYGOD they are having a SALE! Well, between my mom and I we must have tried on a good ¼ of the store and neither of us bought ONE THING. It almost got to that point of desperation when you buy something JUST to buy something. I mean, we talked about this store for a week, planned our day around it, and the store had TWO WHOLE FLOORS of women’s clothing and did I MENTION THERE WAS A BIG FAT SALE?! And you must admit, things looks SO much better when they are 40% off the lowest marked price. Right?

One time Jason and I were at the Gap and I was making him try on a bunch of things. He came out of the dressing room empty handed and I asked him what happened. He said “Nothing looked good.” And I said “What about those shorts – they were only $14.99?” He looked at me and said “Beth, they didn’t look good. Not for $40, not for $14. I wouldn’t even buy them if they were $1”

My thought when he said this was “Really? Not even for a dollar?”

Therein lays my problem. I’m a sucker for sales. I love shopping – but I LOVE shopping for cheap. I’m telling ya’ – walking into J Crew and seeing ‘2 for $20’ t’s puts me in a better mood than Xanex washed down with a glass of Chardonnay.


Blogger Beth Fish said...

You don't have H&M? I am so sorry for you. I even went into H&M in Paris!

12:07 PM  
Blogger HipMamaB said...

Thanks, just rub it in!

1:37 PM  
Blogger Nikki said...

really? you couldn't find anything in Zara? I love that store. Wish we had one here!!

5:05 PM  

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