Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Shameless Promotion, Part Deux

I know that by now most of you have all run over (clicked over?) to Amazon.com and bought my brother’s ep, right?

Well for those of you who are lagging, and I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, here is a little more incentive. Foreign Born was chosen last week as the Pick of the Week in the LA Weekly.

Here’s what they said:

Foreign Born, zZz at Spaceland.
Wrapping up their free Monday-night Spaceland residency, local gloom merchants Foreign Born play L.A. for the first time since last week’s release of In the Remote Woods, a five-song EP brought to you by the tastemaking New York indie StarTime International. StarTime’s got a history of being in the right place at the right time — the label issued early records by Big Apple hipsters the Walkmen and French Kicks — so don’t be surprised if you start hearing the band’s swoony, Interpol-like guitar rock in places where you may be grateful you can say you knew ’em back when. Openers zZz, from Amsterdam, play down-and-dirty garage rock on an organ and drum kit; imagine Mates of State as the children of Jon Spencer and Glenn Danzig. (Mikael Wood)

See?! What did I tell you? I told you to listen to me!

Get to know them NOW so that you can at least pretend that you are still hip and cool when they make it big and are being played at a bar or party you somehow happen to be at so that you can turn to your friends and say “Oh yea, I’ve had their album forever. I heard they were great when they used to play at Spaceland in LA.”

Your friends will be in awe at your coolness. I promise.


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