Monday, June 13, 2005

“Whew! It’s cold tonight!! It feels like summer already!” – Craig, a San Fran native, Friday June 10, 2005

If I had to choose the picture perfect, ideal place for me to live, it would be San Francisco. I love the urban meets California feel. I love the restaurants, the shopping, the houses, the buildings, the bridges. The place oozes cool.. I even love the “not so good neighborhoods” with the funny tranies and crazy bums playing the flute in the street. Lucas even seemed to feel the vibe. He was in a wonderful mood all weekend and just took in all the action. If we could have our way, we would move there in a second. The problem? We complain about the high cost of living in San Diego – so really? How could we justify a move to a more expensive city?

But GOD – we just LOVE IT.

We went this weekend for my good friend Marina’s baby shower. Marina and I have been friends since college – 10 years this year. We were in each other’s weddings and have seen each other both really grow-up over the years. Marina was the one responsible for introducing me to the bar scene in PB when I turned 21 and the next year we shared the same drink laced with some fun date rape drug some creep dropped into it. Ahhh.. good times.

And now we are mothers. Well, she will be sometime in the next 3.5 weeks.

We had a quick, but fun weekend. After the debacle of last week’s plane ride, I was actually looking forward to the drive up. But this trip was definitely different. Gone are the trips where we eat a late dinner then hit 2-3 hip night spots. This trip was all about being in at a decent time to get Lucas, and a very preggo Mari, to bed. We spent the whole weekend fantasizing about our next trip up where we will have a babysitter watch both boys while we go out and get smashed.


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