Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Week in Review

Is this not the freaking longest week ever? And I have Friday’s off, and I’m still sitting here picking at my arm hair in complete and utter boredom. I’m telling you, the hate of the week after a 3-day weekend almost cancels out the happiness of an extra day out of the office.

So since I am totally inspirationless today, I thought that I would recap and add more thoughts to some of my recent posts.

Babies, babies, babies!
Welcome to the world baby Julian!! Julian was born on July 5th at about 4:15. He weighed 7 lbs and 13 oz and is apparently just adorable. I was hoping to be able to post a picture.. but alas, Auntie Beth has yet to receive one…

For those who are having as much fun as I am watching the deterioration of Tom Cruise, check out this site – . Good for a smile, and on a day like today, we all need something to smile about.

Saga of the Shoe
I actually have worn the lusted after espadrilles twice this week! While you can’t see the cute ties, they do look good with long pants or jeans – and they are pretty comfy. Still trying to figure out what else to wear them with, but as long as they look good with jeans I’m set.

Busy Busy Busy
Yesterday I made you all tear up with the adorable little story of my inquisitive toddler. So, now let me describe the antics of this kid from last night. After his bath, I was getting him into his PJs and he somehow escaped and ran away in to the kitchen. I actually had to tackle him to get his jammies on him, him shrieking the entire time like the comfy cotton was instead made of hot coals. After a 5 minute battle of the jammies, I just sat back and let him loose. OH MY GOD.

For the next 30 minutes, Jason and I sat there as Lucas ran around the house like a crack head with ADHD. Fist we pulled out all the toys, then over to the surfboard step stool to “pop up”, then over to his chair to climb it, then back to the step stool, then over to his “gobble and go” hippo, then into the kitchen to open a drawer, then back to chair, then over the bookshelf, then jumping on the dog, then running down the hall to terrorize Mick a little more, then over to the glass doors to bang, then over to his toys to throw a few balls around.. I mean, this went on and on and on. We just stood there with gaping mouths wondering where he gets that energy from because it is NOT from us.

But my question is, with that as my son, HOW AM I NOT LINDSAY LOHAN SKINNY? With all the energy I expend just keeping up with my little Tasmanian devil, why are you not talking about me behind my back and expressing your concern over my dramatic weight loss?! IS IT BECAUSE I ATE THAT ONE BREADSTICK? REALLY? IS LIFE THIS CRUEL?!

On the topic of carbs..
I have this funny blood sugar thing. I think. Okay, when I eat something like a donut or powerbar, I get what I have named “sugar head.” It’s almost like a brain freeze, but from sugar/flour overload. It only happens with super sugary things that are also pastries.. I don’t know, that’s why until Krispy Kreme opened in San Diego I hadn’t eaten a donut in 6 years. So, besides feeling like an idiot for licking Pat & Oscars breadsticks just taste the yummy buttery salty goodness, I actually don’t mind the South Beach Diet. It’s not gotten REALLY nice now that you can buy the nifty little SBD brand foods! Yee-Haaaw, COOKIES! So, I bought a few of the SBD meal replacement bars, thought it would be good for those mornings when I need to try on everything in my closet before just breaking down and wearing the same black pants and black top, and don’t have time to make/eat eggs.

Yesterday was totally one of those days. I had to be at an event at 7, and being that my black pants were at the dry cleaners I was screwed and had to empty the contents of our closet onto our bed and scream and cry about how I have no clothes. I left the house at 6:55, grabbed the meal replacement bar, so proud of myself for remembering it so that I wouldn’t be tempted to eat a bagel at the event. Halfway to the event I realize that I forgot to put on a bra. Yea. Nice, huh? I was wearing one of those shelf-bra tank tops under my t-shirt, but I still usually wear a bra under it for modesty’s and for professionalism’s sake. But that’s not the point of the story, and since I had a jacket on, I don’t think anyone noticed (can I also mention the fact that really the only person who notices my tits anymore is my mother, and that’s only when I’m grabbing them, bitching about the loss of my perky lovelies to pregnancy and nursing. If anyone else did actually notice that I wasn’t wearing a bra, I would have been THRILLED that someone was actually looking at my chest). ANYWAY. So I start to eat the SBD bar that has “>2” grams of sugar.. and I get flipping sugar head anyway.

Hmm.. the no bra part of that story was FAR more interesting than the sugar part, huh?


Blogger Kel said...

oh yeah..boobs are WAY more interesting than sugar.

What is it about 3 day weekends that make them such a pain in the ass? You are lucky you don't work fridays. I still have one day of hell this week.

Good to hear that you wore your sandals! WOOT!

6:25 PM  
Blogger Char said...

Almost the mose interesting part.. lmao...

9:08 PM  
Blogger Char said...

Oops.. Most

3:58 PM  
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